Markwort 12 inch speed sensor ball!

Markwort 12 inch Speed Sensor Programmable Softball Radar Ball.

The Markwort 12 inch Softball Speed Sensor Radar Programmable Balls.

$22.78 Each - FREE SHIPPING.



Built-in Speed Sensor™ records how fast you throw. Press start and throw the ball. The built-in Speed Sensor™

begins to record the pitch speed at the moment the ball is released. Upon impact the LCD indicator displays the speed

up to 120 MPH or 190 KMH. Official size and weight, they look and feel like the real thing. For pitching, throwing training only.

DO NOT hit with a bat or on a hard surface. Instructions included.

In both Softball models 11" AND 12" / Models for Miles per Hour and Kilometers per hour.

Measuring string included with all models.

To program the ball, press the start button and scroll through the programmed pitching distances.

Release the start button when the desired distance is displayed.

Press and release the start button once more to activate the ball.

The unique Grip Sense begins to record once the ball leaves your hand.